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10 Of The Best Books For Crime Fiction Lovers

Did you know that there was such a thing as crime fiction for non-fiction readers? Or that there is such a thing as crime fiction for lovers of literary fiction?

Crime books

If not, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll be exploring the top 10 books for crime fiction lovers. These books have been selected because they have exceptional writing, or because they have unique features that will appeal to readers who enjoy crime fiction.

A Fable for the Madfolk

This is the story of a little village that has a big problem. All the people in the village are possessed by a demon. The only way to get rid of the demon is to kill it. But how can you kill what isn’t there? A fable for our times, this novel will appeal to readers who enjoy fantasy, horror and satire.


Perception tells the story of a man who has a rare condition that causes people to see him as a different race. If you’re a crime fiction reader who loves a detective story, you’ll love this novel.

The Murderer Next Door

The Murderer Next Door tells the story of a family who move into a new house. The new house is next door to a man who has been accused of murdering his wife. The novel explores what happens when the family becomes the murderers next door, and how they try to solve the crime and prove their innocence.

The Cheat and the City

This novel takes place in an alternative version of 1920s America. The setting is New York City, and the story follows a group of reporters who try to discover who is cheating on the city’s wife, and how they get away with it. If you like your crime fiction with a twist, this is a must read.

The Eye of the Beholder

This is a novel about identity, and the lengths to which people are willing to go to keep it. The story follows a man who is trying to solve a murder, and his investigation uncovers a plot that threatens to reveal the truth about everyone’s identity.

Who Answers When No One Wants To?

This novel follows two detectives from different forces who try to solve a murder, but who are being thwarted by a third party. If you enjoy crime fiction that is full of twists and turns, this is a must read.

Bad Blood

This is a story about a family that is cursed, or blessed, with strange talents. The family is cursed with bad blood, which manifests as murders, but when the four children grow up, they all have different talents, which could help solve the murders.

Let the Darkness In

This novel is about a man who returns to his hometown after being away for a long time. The people of the town have changed, and nothing is the same as it was before. As the man tries to adjust to his old life, he slowly realises that something is very, very wrong.

A Darkened Hallway

This novel is unique in that it tells the story from the point of view of the murderer. The story follows a man who is looking for a job, and is hired to work as a night watchman. While he is supposed to be guarding the building, he starts to explore his past, and discovers a mystery that nobody wanted solved.

These are the top 10 books for crime fiction lovers. We hope you’ve found some new books to add to your to-read list. If you love crime fiction as much as we do, then you’ll love our Top 20 Crime Fiction Books article. There, you’ll find even more great reads, along with a ranking of the best books for each type of reader.

No matter what kind of crime fiction lover you are, you’ll find something to love in this list. So, if you’re ready to explore fantastic new worlds, characters, and plots, check out these books.

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